Marathon Training – Week 1

Last week was my first week of a 4-month training to my first marathon in October in Long Beach, CA.  There are total of 490 miles of running, including the actual Marathon.

June 10th -  3 out of 490 (3 miles)

Starting my first day of training with an easy 3 mile on barefoot.  I feel fresh an rested as I took the last 2 weeks off running.  I will be keeping my 7 classes of yoga per week for all the stretching and strengthening.  

I will be running 4 days a week.  All of the weekday runs are short.  The long run run will be on Sat, from 6 miles on week 1 and build up all the way to a 20 mile run in August.


 June 11th – 6 out of 490 (3 miles)

Another 3 miler today.  My skin felt sensitive after the barefoot run yesterday, so I wore my Luna Sandals which I will be wearing at the Marathon.  My future goal is to do all my runs on barefoot, and run a marathon on barefoot.

Photo Jun 15, 7 50 28 AM

June 12th – 9 out of 490 (3 miles)

Ran barefoot again but it was kind of a mistake.  My skin haven’t fully recovered from Tuesday’s run.   Just like sore muscle it needs time to rest and come back stronger.  I struggled quite a bit and finished slower than my normal pace.  Lesson learned.

June 15th  – 15 out of 490 (6 miles)

Photo Jun 15, 9 23 59 AM

My first 10k run under 50 minutes (49:46).   I ran the Culver City 10k race on a beautiful Father’s day morning.  The weather was perfect and the road was mostly flat.  I wore my Lunas with the Tech Strap put on the night before.  Tried to pick up the pace at the last mile but I’ve got a blister on my right foot.  Nothing major but I did not want to push it too much because I am still at the first week of training.

That’s the end of my first week of training.  17 more weeks to go!

If you have any good advice on marathon training, or a good post run recovery I would love to hear from you!  Will also take any form of love or motivation!


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